About Me

I am a data editor and data visualization designer based in Pordenone, Italy. I’ve been working with data for a couple of years, since I ended my master’s degree in Publishing and Journalism in Verona. I’ve moved gradually from classic written-journalism to data journalism and now data analysis / data science.

Data visualization (👉 check my portfolio)

I’ve been collaborating with the newspaper of my region (Messaggero Veneto) since November 2020: for them I’ve researched, analyzed and visualized various datasets, always with a focused view on the local interest.

Besides working as a freelance, I enjoy spending some time participating in data viz challenges, like #tidytuesday, #makeovermonday and #swdchallenge.

Favourite tools

The tools that I use the most are R and Tableau Public, although I’m starting to experiment a little more with D3.js. Usually when I do stuff with R (using RStudio and the big universe of tidyverse, including ggplot2) I’ll post the code on my GitHub profile; here’s my profile on Tableau Public. Depending on what I’m doing, I also tend to use Datawrapper, Flourish, QGIS and Adobe Illustrator. I also know HTML, CSS and JS, plus a little bit (just a little) of node.js, SQL and mondoDB.

Personal info

I’m 25. I love dogs (especially my 6-years-old Labrador-Border collie mix), mountains, tennis, Formula 1, football and my girlfriend: not in this particular order, by the way.